A. Technical Parameters:
System type: - Air intake system / Air Cleaner
Air Nominal Flow Rate:
Performance test standard:
Air Operating Temperature Range: °C (Max.),
  °C (Min.)
Maximum Allowable Restriction (Clean): psi (kPa)
Maximum allowable terminal restriction (dirty): psi (kPa)
Target Life: Hrs./gal/miles/other
Efficiency Requirements: Test Dust:
Vibration Requirements:
Hz for cycles.
Any other Mechanical Integrity Tests:
Physical Size Constraints:
Mounting required:  
On Engine
Mounting axis of filter housing: Vertical / Horizontal :
Dimensional details:
Drawing / Sketch enclosed:
Sample Enclosed:
Packaging specifications:  
Painting/ Powder coating details:
Sticker details & Positions:
Any special requirements: Performance test report
Any statutory, regulatory & safety Requirements:
Is the item under consideration an Appearance Item? Yes No
B. Design validation requirements:
Operating conditions:
Customer needs/ requirements:
Method specified by Customer for Validation:
FGI default method of validation:
C. Following information is to be filled in by FGI Design control leader:
Are there any ambiguous or conflicting requirements? Yes No
If Yes, Consult marketing Dept. and get resolution
Are all design parameters acceptable? Yes No
If No, consult marketing Dept./ Customer and get the customer acceptance